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The Hybrid 1.0 helmet is our first product. A pioneer in riding protection, it is developed to protect the rider’s head against linear and angular hits. Built with a MIPS–powered low–friction layer inside the helmet to counteract rotational force, an ABS safety shell that spreads out the impact energy, and a Polymer fusion core for superior shock absorption, the Hybrid 1.0 provides complete protection in the case of a fall accident. It also includes an adjustable fit system, a magnetic safety buckle for swift locking of the chin strap, and variable top ventilation. When riding hard or taking your horse off the beaten track, the Hybrid 1.0 have you covered.
Hybrid Helmet 1.0 is tested and approved according to the VG1.040 standard.

— MIPS system.

Most modern riding helmets only protect from linear force, like dropping a helmet straight on the ground. But falls from a horse in motion will include an angled impact. These impacts can cause rotational motion, which may stretch your brain and lead to severe injuries. The Hybrid 1.0 is built with MIPS rotational protection system to minimize this type of injury. The MIPS system decreases the rotational motion through a low–friction layer inside the helmet that allows multi-directional movement of 10—15mm on certain angled impacts. The layer is specifically constructed to help reduce and counteract rotational force.

+ Alert.
Tocsen crash sensor.

The Hybrid 1.0 helmet is designed for the addition of Tocsen’s crash sensor for riders who wants to enhance their safety. The Tocsen crash sensor allows riders to be out and about with their horse without ever risking being cut off from civilization. In an emergency, the sensor triggers an SMS and APP message with the rider’s location to ICE and the Tocsen rescue community directly after a fall. The Tocsen rescue community consists of 30 000+ riders, cyclists, hikers, and others who use the free safety APP. This way, the closest users nearby will be alerted. And riders who fall and feel ok can give an OK signal from the app at any time. The sensor works for about three months and is easily rechargeable via micro USB, not to mention weatherproof.

+ Light.
Silva head torch.

Silva’s reputation for making high–performing all–conditions headlights for outdoor activities is second to none. To provide the market’s best helmet vision, it was a no–brainer for us to partner with them. The Silva Explore 4 head torch delivers powerful lightning even in the poorest light conditions. It is developed for easy attachment to our Hybrid 1.0 helmet to help heighten the rider’s reaction speed and visual acuity. With a slim, lightweight design, Silva Explore strikes a perfect balance between power and comfort.

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